Outerthought is now NGData

Next week, our little NOSQL roadshow starts: a number of technical and non-technical presentations on NOSQL and our experiences while developing Lily so far. I'm looking forward to meet you on the following occasions:

  • April 20: Steven will be speaking on NOSQL - new database technologies at SAI (Antwerp, BE)
  • May 19: Steven will be speaking at ITWorks on NOSQL (Brussels, BE)
  • June 3: Steven will be speaking on NOSQL at KVIV/IT (Antwerp, BE)
  • June 17: Steven will be speaking on NOSQL and HBase at BeJUG (Ghent, BE)

Also, I'm invited as NOSQL track chair for this year's Devoxx edition, which will be held Nov 15-19th in Antwerp. Devoxx is frankly the largest, best-priced and content-wise greatest Java conference in Europe, and is now broadening its scope to accommodate other, new technologies and trends, NOSQL being one of the first. I'm really proud to be able to organize and chair that track, and will make the most out of it. I'm looking for a couple of keynote speakers, some academy presenters, and a few real-world cases. And a lot of people to hear some great NOSQL war stories, of course.

Whatever the debate on NOSQL being a hype, unnecessary polarization, or old wine in new bags (Dutch proverb), this sure feels like XML all over again. I witnessed the rise (and fall) of SGML, later XML, and the NOSQL meme sure meets the excitement I felt in the mid nineties: lots of new stuff appearing, and a great can-do mentality of many new players. As a company, we're proud being on that edge again, just as we did with Java, with open source, with XML, and now with NOSQL as the foundation of our next-generation content repository. Exciting times!

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by Steven Noels on 4/16/10
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